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How to approve google adsense within 2 days

How to approve Google AdSense I'll tell you how to take an Adsense account, please follow below. If you have a Google AdSense account, then you will have a top label domain note and if you can't take a hosting blog, then Blogspot will work. 

The rules that you need to follow to get paid are the -Privacy Policy, about us, Content, Disclaimer, term, and Condition, these five pages.

How to approve Google AdSense

You need to find a bold quality theme as well. Mine is that you have to write unique content so that there is no difficulty in taking the approval and the content will have to be word 3 and then the unprotected poo bison will become difficult.

The articles in his shot should be customized so that the writing is ok. And the images in his shot should be unique so that no conservation copy will fly. Once again you have to input your site into Webmaster Tools and add the bing website as well. If all these rules are fixed, then the old Ready of Approval is yours.

How to link to Google AdSense with Bank Account

Today we will learn how to easily link a bank account to a Google Adsense account. Okay, let's not see how to do it in your account and ID verification. Then after working on your Google AdSense, the rate will be $ 100 if you become a dollar. Google will transfer Google dollars to the bank account every month between 22nd and 25th if you receive your payment.

How to Solved Google Adsense bank link Problem

If you have problems with Google then you can call and email Google and there is no limit to income from Google. Unlimited can do as much income as you can. If you link a bank account with Google Adsense to any bank.

Link to Google Adsense as if you have an AdSense account with a bank account in your name. If you link, you can not link to another AdSense account. If you link, it can block your Google AdSense account outside the Google room. For Google, you will link a bank account for AdSense.

How to Create Auto ads on your website 

Now I will share with you how to put AutoAds on your blog site first you need to do the best content and customization and theme on your side and reduce the article to 25 by posting the image non-copyright.

Apply for Adsense When you see a problem, Google Adsense will email you and if If there is no problem then you will get your message for Rubel and then you will be ready to place the ads, you can take as many ads as you want on an Adsense and that is not applicable for mobile and desktop.

When installed, you will see that a small one on the top of your mobile is OK if there is a problem I can lay down the comments, I'll help you. I hope to help you How to approve Google AdSense's full information.

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