How to add bank account in phonepe

Phonepe now launching in India the govern UPI-based Digital I share with you how to add a bank account in phonepe. If you create your phonepe account then add your bank account details get your UPI ID. Before adding bank account details check your bank account with a link personal mobile number before you install phone apps. You can use three options to make the payment on the phone.

How to link Pnonepe with bank account
how to add bank account in phonepe

  • Link your bank account details

  • Using phonepe wallet

  • UPI Debit/Credit Card

So why you waiting for go for register phonepe account of your fast traction

Now I explain to you How to add a link your bank account

I share with you like a fast time how go your fast stape goes to manu by the top icon on your mobile screen. Select a bank option and now the bank bottom.

I with share with you how to work How to link Pnonepe with bank account go to phone apps icon top right corner of this screen and select bank account option-click bank bottom.

You can Chouse which you like to your bank account. Phonepe automatically dedected your bank account. Now you can Select UPI PIN to generate. Now enter your card details and ok bottom.

Immediate you received your register phone number OTP & set UPI PIN. Next show the screen your bank account successfully links your phone account, now you can use directly UPI PIN. 

You will many options open your phone account. I share with a little bit now you can use mobile recharge, the electric bill, LIC, DTH, Gas, Water bill, & many more options you can use.

Another thing is you swiggy food can order facility available in this apps I think it is one of the best apps your general smart life. If you register this app I share it with you in the description below.

Generally, phone lunching now facility for the beautiful customer just example: Medicine Sall I think it is one of the best options for mileage customers I very thank phonepe.

If I tale something more option add-in phonepe future is definitely will come in phonepe. if another thing is if you plan to open a new online payment motard and other many big facilities so please create a new Paytm account. at fast open go to play store install Paytm apps and if you all information for going this link Paytm account creates. 

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