How to add a printer in windows 10 PC

These particular Methods how to add printer windows 10. This method is one of the best methods to explain how to connect windows pc with your printer. This tip all basic stape explain in here all details following this information. 

How to add a printer in windows 10
How to add a printer in windows 10

All details step by step follows down below :

  1. how to connect Cable with pc 
  2. How to Connect USB cable with pc 
  3. Installation of printer software
  4. Collect Your PC Software
  5. Printer Setting  With PC
  6. Finally Stape
1. How to connect Cable With PC : 
This program is one of the most important in cable & pc. Now Connecting cable with your pc Or laptop. this cable use banded company or was received your printer company & otherwise, you purchase another band. Already you have a windows pc for connecting ready.

2. How to Connect USB cable with PC :
Previous topics all explain how to connect cable & pc important now how to connect with pc with USB Cable. Connect with USB cable input in your printer particularly USB input your pc. I hope to connect completely.
3.Installation of Printer Software :
Software installation time is most important id particular software install in windows pc. I hope printer purchase time you have received a printer software if no follow this stape. Go to your printer company website. Here all model software easily you get. Now you chouse a software & download the next step is to install it is very easy I hope yo do it.

Example : 

4.Collect your Printer Software:
Printer software available in your printer purchase box or if you, not available model software so you can download the online printer software. Now how to install printer software I think you can do it. Now you start printer your computer. If any problem please comment on me I help you.

5. Printer Setting With PC:
Windows setting one of the most important for print now question is how to add printer windows 10 in your pc. I show you an image of Capture. See this page next stape is select your printer Destination to go to the print the bottom now create your print & received your paper.

6. Finally Stape :
Finally, the setting is now started your printer on your computer so really it is too easy & the best method. If you follow this method so you can start this print. If you like this method so like & share. If you any problem please comment on me I can help you.

I hope you understand all this information if any problem please comment on me. if you wanted more information please visit this link How to add a bank account in phonepe

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